Anthony Bourdain had a life 99.9% of the planet would envy: He traveled constantly. He ate constantly. He had his own TV show. He had money (at least $1.2 million when he died). He still killed himself. There isn’t enough weed or wine in this world to make you happy. Find your purpose. The following videos may help.

Finding & Fulfilling Your Purpose” (Part 1) Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.

Do Not Disturb I’m working on Purpose – Bishop John E. Guns

Your Calling, Whatever it is, Is Sacred – Dr. Tony Evans

 “I’ve Got to Get in S.H.A.P.E.” – Pastor Howard-John Wesley

Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life – Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.

Handfuls of Purpose – Bishop Dale C. Bronner

The Circle of Our Impact – Dr. Charles Stanley