Petition for Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentence for Dogfighters and People Collecting Cats, Kittens and Other Bait Animals for Them

Cleveland, Ohio, dogfighter Angelo McCoy was first arrested for dogfighting during a November 2014 raid in Akron. McCoy, who ran from officers that night, was sentenced to a year of probation rather than prison.

While McCoy was on probation, he was busted for dogfighting again — in June 2015. “He was sentenced to 10 months in prison,” reported.More

BSL Laws and Pitbull Bans: Questions Politicians Need to Ask Before They Repeal Them

With zero thought other than potential dollar signs, Abilene, Kansas’ city planning commission repealed its breed ban December 13, 2021 — the same day an Amazon deliver driver in Las Vegas risked her life to save a 19-year-old woman and her small dog from a pit bull attack. With that in mind, here’s the first question lawmakers should ask when pit bull advocates ask them to repeal BSL laws/breed bans:More

Report Dogfighting: 10 Signs Your Neighbor Is Fighting Dogs (and Killing Dogs, Cats, Kittens and Rabbits)

After Cleveland, Ohio, dogfighter Angelo McCoy was arrested a third time in January of 2020, a neighbor told Fox 8 reporter Ed Gallek that he wondered who’d reported McCoy to the police, stating he hadn’t had the nerve. I’m happy to report that people in Detroit, Flint and Battle Creek, Michigan, did have the nerve and that it pays to have the nerve. The Humane Society of the United States offers a $5,000 reward to report dogfighting, and considering we have over 40,000 dogfighters and people breeding dogs for them scattered across the country, averaging 800 per state, you, a friend or a relative may live next to one and not even know it. Here are 10 signs your neighbor is fighting dogs (and killing dogs, cats, kittens and rabbits), whether you live in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Scotland or South Africa.More

Department of Justice Dogfighting-Related Press Releases

You could help save a lot of lives by warning family, friends and people in community groups on social media that bait dogs, cats, kittens and other animals are not a myth, that dogfighters don’t look how people expect them to look and that a dogfighting arrest in your city does not mean the dogfighter’s in prison or that police have “shut down” a dogfighting ring. It’s always nice when the feds get involved because then they do go to prison — for years — and don’t get parole. Below, I’ve linked to some of the Department of Justice’s dogfighting-related press releases.More

Craigslist Pets: 5 Dangerous People You Don’t See When You Post Cats, Kittens, Dogs, Rabbits, and Guinea Pigs

If you’re like most people who post cats, kittens, dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs in Craigslist’s pet section, you don’t read other people’s ads. [This partly explains why some cat owners charge “$10 to ensure a good home” while dog, rabbit, and guinea pig owners charge rehoming fees that actually protect their pet.] For the…More


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