How to Advocate for Animals: Dig a Ditch for Dogfighters One Tweet at a Time

Cleveland dogfighter Angelo McCoy was arrested in January of last year and still has not gone on trial, thanks in part to COVID. Initially, his trial was scheduled for December 2020. It was then bumped to July 2021. As of June 23, his July 13 trial date has become another pretrial conference due to ongoing plea negotiations, according to the court docket. McCoy has been busted for dogfighting three times since 2014 and has continued killing cats and kittens while he’s been out on bond. After babysitting Craigslist the past 10 months and seeing everything I have seen, there’s no way in hell I’m letting him get another slap on the wrist like his year of probation for his first dogfighting arrest and his 10 months in prison for the second. So, today, as I did June 23, I sent a slew of tweets to the FBI, FBI Buffalo, FBI Pittsburgh, FBI Detroit, USDA, and Cleveland City Council’s president, who’s running for mayor. After I publish this post, I will send the following chronological list of tweets to FBI Cleveland and other people who have more power than me to persuade the judge to do what he’s supposed to do since he ignored two letters from me about McCoy.

Today’s Tweets

An updated look @ the dogfighters — people killing #dogs, #cats & #kittens — busted in #Buffalo #NewYork #Cleveland Warren Toledo #Columbus #Ohio #Detroit Flint & Lansing #Michigan & #Pittsburgh #Pennsylvania

Red pins indicate recent dogfighting arrests in Buffalo, New York, Cleveland, Warren, Columbus and Toledo, Ohio, Monroeville, Pennsylvania, and Detroit, Flint and Lansing, Michigan.

April 2019: #Columbus #Ohio – German Sanchez was arrested for dogfighting & 20 #dogs were taken. He was sentenced to four years in prison. cc: @FBI @FBIBuffalo @FBIPittsburgh @FBIDetroit @USDA @kevinkelleyCLE

Three years earlier, #Columbus #Ohio dogfighter Charles Granberry was busted with “treadmills, cat mills … [as well] as a blood-stained dogfighting pit.”

November 2019: #dogs were taken during @USDA raids in Toledo #Ohio, but arrests were never reported.

January 2020: #Cleveland dogfighter Angelo McCoy was busted for the 3rd time & has been out on bond ever since.

Sept. 2020: Police took nine #dogs from two dogfighters on W. 44th Street, but they were never charged despite all being injured.

“No charges filed” is a common occurrence in #Cleveland. 2019 example:

Another common occurrence in #Cleveland dogfighting: slaps on the wrist. Robert Cook got a year in 2018. In 2014, Angelo McCoy got a year of probation; in 2015, he got 10 months in prison.

Slaps on the wrist do not deter dogfighters from going back to killing #dogs, #cats, #kittens, rabbits & other small #animals after they get out of prison.

Buehrer, A West Michigan Resident, Continued to Participate in Underground Pit Bull Terrier Fighting Even After Serving State Prison Time for Dog-Fighting Offense

Down south, like in #Alabama & #Atlanta, they get drug-dealing dogfighters off the streets for decades, so they aren’t killing humans, #dogs, #cats, #kittens & other #animals — or raising children to do so.

dogfighter Angelo McCoy has a kid AND he was selling drugs near a school.

In 2014, #Cleveland dogfighter Angelo McCoy was 1 of 47 people arrested from 5 states in #Akron.

Dogfighters — i.e., people who kill #dogs, #cats, #kittens & other small #animals — maintain contact after fights. With slaps on the wrist, is it any wonder our #Ohio map looks like this?

That would, in turn, mean this ridiculous list [mugshots included] of dogfighters know each other. Give McCoy another slap on the wrist & EXPECT MORE IN #OHIO.

“[D]ogfighting rings are ‘harder to infiltrate than the Mafia.'” Most are busted as the result of months- or years-long drug investigations.

Police were surprised to find #dogs in three locations in Warren #Ohio during a drug investigation.

Neighbors are afraid to report the dogfighter next door for killing #dogs, #cats, #kittens, etc. & There’s no point in encouraging them to if judges give people like McCoy a slap on the wrist.

It’s going to look even more suspicious if #Cleveland dogfighter Angelo McCoy gets a 3rd slap on the wrist considering TWO JUDGES ordered him not to own more #dogs.

Last November, this #Craigslist ad appeared near McCoy’s home on Minnie. Willing to take ALL unwanted animals. That seem a little strange to @FBI @FBIBuffalo @FBIPittsburgh @FBIDetroit @USDA @kevinkelleyCLE @ALDF @IDAUSA?

How ’bout the “Maybe it was you — let me know” ad in #Cleveland‘s #Craigslist pet section OR the code in Altoona #Pennsylvania‘s pet section?

#Ohio, #Pennsylvania & #Michigan dogfighters have been using #Craigslist to obtain #cats, #kittens & #dogs for their dogs to kill for practice.

A white guy in #Akron#Ohio who’s been breeding #kittens for & supplying bait #cats to a dogfighter who hasn’t been caught yet. @Akron_Police is aware.

Animal flippers & other assholes are also supplying #cats & #kittens to dogfighters via #Craigslist pet section ads, avoiding calls, texts & emails — i.e., EVIDENCE.

This is just a handful of #cats & #kittens that have been killed in #Cleveland & #Akron #Ohio recently. cc: @FBI @FBIBuffalo @FBIPittsburgh @FBIDetroit @USDA @kevinkelleyCLE @ALDF @IDAUSA McCoy has **at least** three women supplying them.

Concerned about cats, kittens, and dogs being killed in your hometown? First, reply to Craigslist pet and free stuff section ads to warn people posting animals about what you’ve read here and in previous posts. Flag ads advertising free animals and “ISO/looking for” ads. Contact City Council, the governor, and your local senators and representatives and urge them to pass stronger laws like Sen. Todd Kaminsky’s S90 bill targeting dogfighters. Then, set up a Google Alert to have Google notify you of dogfighting arrests in your state. Remind judges in those cases that we passed stronger animal cruelty laws for a reason. Harp until someone hears you. “Animals need your voice” isn’t just a slogan.

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